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The Purchase Process

Limited Registration Puppy Purchase Contract
                    (NO Breeding Rights)                      

Full Registration Puppy Purchase Contract 
              (Includes Breeding Rights)               

  • How does the waitlist work? I am a hobbyist and produce a small number of litters each year. You are encouraged to add your name and what color/gender of puppy you are looking for to the waitlist. Waitlist members are informed when a breeding, ultrasound/xray count or delivery has occurred. I do not take advance deposits. Deposits and contracts are only accepted once delivery has occurred and I know exactly how many puppies of each color and gender have been born. There is no order of pick. Waitlist members have an equal opportunity to reserve a pup. Puppies are quickly reserved so if you see one you like, don't hold off as we commonly have more buyers than puppies available.   

  • How is pricing determined? Puppy prices vary by pup color and registration type you select. Prices are lower for a limited registration with no breeding rights. Only purchase the breeding rights if you intend to breed. Please let me know if you want breeding rights as there are separate contracts for limited and full registration.

  • If you purchase more than one puppy, the second puppy will be discounted by $200. 

  • Current Pricing (Subject to change)

  • Black/ White $2000 limited registration without breeding rights. $3000 full registration  includes breeding rights.

  • Red/White- $2000 limited registration without breeding rights. $3000 full registration with breeding rights.​

  • Blue/White, Lavender/White, Champagne/White- $2500 limited registration without breeding rights. $3500 full registration with breeding rights.

  • Imported Puppies will have a transport fee in addition to these prices. These puppies are flown in with me as a flight nanny. Cost of the flight is added to the listed price.

  • I want to reserve a puppy, what do I need to do? Once you have selected a pup contact Kristy Emory at (562)257-8251 to verify availability status. Sometimes contracts come in at almost the same time for a pup and the status on the website has not been updated yet. Both the deposit and contract are required to reserve a pup. If 2 reservations come in for the same puppy, timestamps will be used to determine which applicant gets the puppy.  Deposits are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please verify availability before sending your deposit. You will be emailed a contract that will be required to complete the process of reserving a pup. You may use the Good Dog App to place a deposit or simply use Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. QR codes for Zelle, Venmo and Paypal as well as links to Good Dog are available on the CONTACT Page.

  • How does the deposit work? A $500 deposit and signed contract is required to reserve a pup. Deposits are not refundable if the pup is available and deposit and contract has been accepted. If the pup you selected is not available, the deposit will be returned to you. The deposit may be transferred to another pup if you like, but once a deposit is made on an available pup, it is not refundable. Deposits may be made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Good Dog. Please select "friends and family" when making your payment. PayPal charges their own 3% fee for transactions and you are responsible for the additional processing fee. 

  • What does a puppy come with? Pups will come to you with a health record and the first three puppy shots (Neopar Hi titer parvo and a 5 way DAPPV), dewormed (Pyrantel Pamoate given bi weekly) and an oral kennel cough (Bordatella) vaccination. It is your responsibility to finish the 6 shot series by getting the additional 2 DAPPV shots and a rabies shot to provide the best immunity for your pup. Pups also come with AKC registration papers (depending on the sire and dam's registry.) 

  • When do puppies go to their new homes? Pups may typically go home once they reach 8 weeks of age. If the breeder determines a pup needs more time to grow before they travel home, the buyer will be notified. Make sure you are going to be available to care for your new puppy when it is time for them to go home. Do not schedule a vacation or plan to leave your young puppy alone. If you are ready to add a puppy to your life then you need to be ready for the time commitment that a young puppy is.

  • Are the puppies potty trained? We work on litter training puppies once they are weaned at approximately 4 weeks of age. They have a large litter box that is in the pen where the pups are housed. Once they can tolerate short trips outdoors we take them out regularly to encourage them to go potty outside. Potty training takes time and pups can only hold their potty for a short time (# months old = # hours they can hold it). It takes months of diligent practice before they will be accident free in a large space. Plan on potty training until they are 4 to 5 months old.

  • Can I bring my pet to meet the puppy? No. Do not bring your pet(s) to the pick up!! I do not allow unknown animals to be on the property. This is to protect my litters and breeding animals from disease/parasites and harmful viruses and bacteria. This is life and death for entire litters of puppies! Parvo and Bordatella are airborne and can be tracked in on shoes and clothing.

  • How do I pick up my puppy? You must pick up your pup in person or arrange for the pup to be delivered. If you require other arrangements please discuss this with me before a deposit is made. A fee may be charged for delivery. If you are flying in to pick up a pup, I prefer Long Beach Airport. However, we can meet at LAX or Orange County but any of these airports can be managed for a meet up. It is not safe for pups to be shipped as air cargo. These are still very young babies. Pups must fly in the cabin with you in an appropriate airline approved carrier. Airlines will charge a fee for the puppy to fly in the cabin with you. Check with your airline to determine their requirements and fees. There are also puppy transporters who will transport your puppy for a fee. I am not a fan of puppy transporter services as they often expose puppies to other animals and risk disease. 

  • Can my puppy get sick? Pups are extremely vulnerable to disease until 2 weeks after they have been fully vaccinated (4 puppy shots, a bordatella vaccine and a rabies shot, for a total of 6 vaccinations). Make sure any pets in your home are fully vaccinated and in good health before meeting the new pup. Outdoor areas are sources of possible illness. Wildlife that can wander into your yard and may carry disease and or parasites which can be easily picked up by your puppy are a risk. Dog parks are extremely dangerous for new pups. Keep your puppy quarantined to your home and yard only until 2 weeks after all vaccinations are complete.

  • Do I have to take the puppy to the vet? You are required to take your new puppy to your veterinarian for a health check within 48hours of going home. Select a veterinarian and schedule your puppies visit in advance of picking up your puppy. Do not put you puppy on the floor or any uncleaned surface while at the vet. Use a potty pad on tables and scales, for wait times use a carrier or hold you puppy. This is where sick pets are taken, it is easy to pick up illness there. 

  • What should I feed my puppy? Our puppies have been maintained on Blue Buffalo Life Protection small breed puppy kibble. While they are here their food has been softened by soaking it in warm water prior to feeding. I may also add warmed goats milk just before feeding it to them in order to provide a higher level of nutrition during this time of rapid growth. Plan on purchasing Blue Buffalo small breed puppy kibble prior to bringing your puppy home or ask for a transition pack to use while you slowly transition the puppy to your chosen food. Do not abruptly change the puppies diet, doing so will cause diarrhea. Only feed high quality food intended for small puppies.

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